Frequently Asked Questions

Cell Clients

What does do?

CellClients is a marketplace where people post ads for their cell phone contracts to find buyers who want to take over shorter term contracts.

What is the regular cell phone contract cancellation fee?

Every wireless provider is different. Some charge based on the amount of money they paid to subsidize your phone. Some charge you $20 times number of remaining months. For more info, please contact your wireless provider.

Are there any contract transfer fee's?

Rogers - $0, Fido - $0, Bell - $20, Telus - $25. If you have a different wireless provider, please contact them and check with them. 

How long does it take to transfer the contract?

It usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete the transfer over the phone.

Should the buyer and the seller meet in person to do the transfer?

No. You can do it over the phone. The seller and the buyer must call the wireless provider separately to transfer the contract. Please follow our instructions for the transfer.

What if there is a balance on the account during the contract transfer? Who is responsible for the balance?

The wireless provider asks the original subscriber to clear out the balance before the transfer is completed. The buyer is not responsible for any unpaid fees from the original subscriber.

Who is responsible for the shopping cost of the phone?

The seller usually pays for it but it is up to the buyer and the seller to decide who pays for the shipment of the phone.

Are there any risks?

There are no risks. You get out of or take over the cell phone contract through the wireless provider and not us. Our job is to match those who want to exit their contracts with people looking to take one over.

What if the contract transfer happens in the middle of the seller's billing cycle?

It is no problem. The wireless provider charges the seller until the date of the transfer. After the transfer, the buyer is responsible for paying the cell phone bill.

Who pays for the transfer fee (if there is any) to the wireless provider?

The seller usually pays the fee but it is up to the buyer and the seller to decide who pays for it.

Why do wireless providers allow transfer contract ownership?

Because they are replacing an unhappy customer with a happy customer!

What is the Secure Transfer service?

The Secure Transfer service is a secure way of transferring the contract using our website. It walks the buyer and the seller through the transfer process. It consists of three simple steps: 1) The seller deposits the cash incentive (if any) into a CellClients' Escrow Account 2) The two parties contact the wireless provider to proceed with the transfer 3) The seller ships the phone to the buyer and shares the shipping tracking number with CellClients and the buyer. CellClients mails the cash to the buyer.

Do all wireless providers allow contract transfer?

Yes they do.

Get Out

Can I give my SIM card to buyer?

Yes you can.

How long does it usually take until I find a buyer?

Sellers are usually able to find buyers within 10 days. However, offering incentives such as cash will improve your chances of getting rid of your contract sooner.

Am I still responsible for the cell phone contract after the contract transfer in anyway?

No. The contract is no longer yours.

How can I increase my chances of finding an interested party to take over my contract immediately?

Offering your phone for free or offering a cash incentive with the transfer are usually the best ways to get more interest from the buyers.

What If the buyer is not in my city or town?

That is no problem. The transfer is done over the phone. You just need to call the provider and inform them that you are transferring your contract to another individual.

I want to get out of my contract. What do I do now?

Post your ad on our site and provide as much info as possible about your plan. Select the buyer from the list of people who show interest in taking over your contract. Lastly, call your wireless provider to proceed with the transfer.

Can CellClients help me get out of my cell phone contract without paying any cancellation fees?

Yes. We can help you get out of your contract by helping you find someone who would like to take over your contract.

Can I modify my ad at anytime?

Yes. You can login to your account and edit your ad at anytime.

How long will my ad remain on the site?

Your ad will be posted on our site for three months.

How much does it cost to post an ad on this site?

We charge $29.90 to post your ad on our site. If your contract is not transferred within 30 days, you may ask for a refund and we will refund your money within 7 business days. Please note that if you decide to cancel your contract during the 30 days, or if you reject a buyer's offer to take over your contract before we process the refund, the refund will not be issued.

How do I request a refund if my contract is not transferred within 30 days of posting the ad?

To request a refund, please email your last invoice which provides proof that you are still the owner of the contract. We will then go ahead and process the refund to your credit card within 7 business days.

Can I get out of my contract if I don't have a phone?

Yes. There are two ways to do this: 1) If you are with Rogers or Fido, you can buy one of our a phone and offer your contract with a brand new phone. 2) Another approach is to offer a significant cash incentive to the plan buyer to take over your contract. $100 to $200 is usually enough to encourage someone to take over your contract without a phone.

How do I pay for your services?

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

Take Over

What do I do after I find a contact I would like to take over?

Message the seller and inform them that you would like to take over the contract. After the buyer confirms the contract's availability and informs their wireless provider of the transfer, you can contact the wireless provider and take over the contract.

What are the benefits to taking over a cell phone contract?

You receive a free phone and some cash offered by the seller. You also take advantage of the benefits of a cell phone contract without being trapped in a contract for 3 years. After the contract is expired, you can either renew your contract with the same plan or continue using it without a contract.

Can I change the phone number after the transfer?

Yes you can change it to a different number with a similar or a different area code.

What If the seller is not in my city or town?

That is no problem. The transfer is done over the phone. You just need to call the provider and inform them that you are taking over the seller's contract.

What if the contract does not include a phone?

You can still take it over and buy a separate phone and add it to your plan.

I messaged one of the sellers but I did not receive any responses.why?

They might have already found a buyer. Try messaging that person again or message other people on the site.

Are there any fees for the buyers to use your site?

No. Our service is free for the buyers.

Can I keep the phone number after the transfer?

Yes you can. Please inform the wireless provider that you would like to keep the phone number.